Creative director: Filip Setmanuk The exhibition revolves around the idea of worldbuilding as a tool to construct, distort and re-imagine the present. The aim of the project is to connect visual artists who focus on building new worlds and who incorporate the aspect of mythology, biology, geography, architecture, language or cosmology through their practice. All […]

How to Be Home

How to Be Home Photential is pleased to present How to be Home, our first collaborative project with Spanish artist, Laura C. Vela. How to be Home is a collectible objet d’art designed by Vela inspired by a traditional deck of cards ( edition of 40 have been made). The collaboration expands on the ways […]

The Nineties Project

The Nineties Project “The problem with youth-culture and the media today is that young people are given the impression that they actually are doing something, when in fact they are only needed as participants in a staged marketing event. Take for example MTV’s environmental and political messages, all they are is feel-good-messages which leave the […]


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