Curatorial Dialogue

Photential was created as a meeting point. A space to build relationships between different worlds, disciplines and people. For this, we have resorted to an infallible tool: photography. Photography is capable of dissolving borders, artistic categories and pre-established norms. In our desire to create a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary space, we have collaborated with curator who […]

Gloria Oyarzabal interview by Ana Folguera

“I don’t believe in the moral exclusivity of photojournalism. It’s everyone’s responsibility.”    When you see Gloria’s work, it’s almost as if you’re looking at a detailed collage, or discovering a palimpsest. There is always something more to be found, another underlying layer. Perhaps that’s why her amazing and powerful fotografi is so , more than […]

The 90’s by Alejandro Castellote

I have heard more than one wine expert say “the finest wine is the one that you like best”, which requires us to acknowledge the inherent subjectivity of human evaluation. By implication, it also implies that it is impossible for one to think entirely objectively, based solely on rational parameters. That is to say, it […]

Interview with Sheyi Bankale By Ana Folguera

First of all, I would like to ask you about your background in photography. What led you to curatorial and editorial world?  My background is one that only a small cohort of individuals know nostalgically in a linear or sequential form. It is based on extraordinary relationships forged with people who trusted me to participant […]

Bego Antón Interview by Ana Folguera

Bego Anton wanted to be a writer before she became a photographer. Perhaps that’s why her work is enveloped in a fine narrative that plays with fantasy and reality. Begito Antón (Bilbao, Spain, 1983) takes photos like someone who writes children stories. Interestingly, she also wanted to be a war correspondent. While little remains of those […]

Yining He’s contribution to The 90s Project

1. MO Yi Born in Tibet in 1958, Mo YiYi is a professional football player turned artist. Widely recognised as one of the most important artists of Chinese Contemporary Photography that emerged from the 1980s, Mo captures the alienation and oppression of urban life in China, often with the artist intervening and appearing in the image. Mo […]

Interview with Alba Barneda (CANADA) by Ana Folguera

When we all first saw the music for Rosalia’s hit Malamente, there was no doubt we asked: Holy shit, who made this? And if we go back further in time, the same thing happened when we saw Bombay, by El Guincho,which was back in 2010. The answer lies in the now consolidated production company Canada, responsible not only for some of […]

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