We are a bold art platform creating alternative for photographers, multimedia and digital artists to present their art to people worldwide.

About Us

Photential is a global art platform for some of the fundamental names in the world of photography today focusing on experiencing multimedia art in new ways. It is marked by quality, excellence in visual media with a bold look and feel. We have chosen to work with some of the most prominent artists in photography today and our curatorial selection is also diverse and heterogeneous. Through the fascinating work of all our artists we want to build a vision about the moment in which we live, including themes on identity, architecture and space, the body and movement, ecosystems, fashion and visual culture. We are a diverse, international team of professionals inspired by photography and new media, united by our belief in providing increased exposure for artists in new art markets. Photential is also supported by an Advisory Committee of international industry experts, art directors, editors and creatives who share our mission.

Our Vision

We believe that photography is not only an image, but it is also a generator of critical thinking and physical experiences. We will carry out exhibitions in collaboration with different curators and cultural agents, institutions, and fashion brands understanding that art is always a space for exchange and a meeting point for different perspectives both virtually and in physical spaces all over the world. We believe that support for artists, critical thinking and the exploration of the themes that mark the contemporary panorama are the axes of photographic potential. In short, Photential.

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