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Kristina Romanova is a world renowned photographer, artist, and curator of the interdisciplinary center Department of Research Arts and a director at the  institute for communcation skills outside of Moscow. Exhibiting and developing educational projects by the center integrate for self taught contemporary artists and humanities studies. Since 2012 she is the art manager and curator of Triumph Gallery and together with Potential, we collaborate on a spectacular virtual exhibition titled Rehome where she presents all her friends from the Rodchenko School who are known all over the world and have gallery representation.
Between 2016–2018, she curated group exhibitions as a part of the EXTENSION series that showcases the current art scene of different countries, – EXTENSION.AM (Armenia), EXTENSION.LV (Latvia), EXTENSION.KR (South Korea). As you can see we work only with the most impressive curators in the world. Don’t forget to suscribe or register on our site to learn more about our curators and artists. 

In 2017, she curated the public educational program for TASS Opens Photo Archives exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall Manege in Moscow. In 2019, she coordinated the first experimental laboratory Magnum Photos in Moscow. Kristina became an Innovation 2017 Award nominee for the curatorial project PROMETHEUS. You should subscribe now to our platform for more information on Kristina and her impressive work. You can also view her talent by visiting her instagram, you will love it.
DEMO: Experiment Promises to Become Art at NII Alpbau, Moscow in 2016. She is looking forward to coming to Spain, pandemic permitting so she can curate Spanish Mid Career photographers for an upcoming exhibition or photo fair! Welcome to the team Kristina. 

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