Soho House Photo Exhibition 2021


The curatorial concept – respecting the heterogeneity and autonomy of the artists represented by Photential – explores the use of the photographic image as support / text where issues that have to do with symbolism converge (tradition, travel, home, autobiography). These works also revolve around  “decorative” or ornamental creation, understanding this as the use / appropriation / assembly of elements that combine a deep meaning with plastic values that border on “kitsch”, magical and poetic nuances.
It is not a thesis exhibition – created ad hoc for a space-  but a cross-sectional rereading of artists represented by Photential, who share an interest in reflecting on contemporary culture and photography as a tool for transformation or affectation of it.

Artists: Bego Antón, Clémentine Balcaen, Julio Galeote and Sybil Montet. 



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