Nobuyoshi Araki Exhibition 30 Nov 2022 – 27 Jan 2023

30 Nov 2022 – 27 Jan 2023 Monstrous Paradise Series by Nobuyoshi Araki in Madrid, Spain. Photential in Collaboration with European Cultural Centre and Ricardo de La Torre Studio presents upcoming Exhibition preview. The event will take place in Madrid, Spain from 30/11/22 to 27/01/23, featuring some images from the ‘Monstrous Paradise Series’ created for ECC by the Artist. MONSTROUS PARADISE […]

Soho House Photo Exhibition 2021

The curatorial concept – respecting the heterogeneity and autonomy of the artists represented by Photential – explores the use of the photographic image as support / text where issues that have to do with symbolism converge (tradition, travel, home, autobiography). These works also revolve around  “decorative” or ornamental creation, understanding this as the use / appropriation / […]

Exhibition Madrid December 2021

Photential presents a group exhibition in Madrid, featuring our artists Bego Antón, Jorge Fuembuena, Julio Galeote, Dmitry Lookianov,  Laura C. Vela, Gloria Oyarzabal and Ekaterina Anokhina. A synthetic and meaningful vision of our artistic and curatorial line. An opportunity to understand not only the project and the vision of Photential, but also the work of […]


Often in the cinema I think I hear rain hitting the roof, as if there was no place where to take shelter. Olvido García ValdésHow to place the body in a world full of homes? How to build an “outside” from the forced inside? How to talk again about inside / outside? And what doors […]


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