Soho House Photo Exhibition

The curatorial concept – respecting the heterogeneity and autonomy of the artists represented by Photential – explores the use of the photographic image as support / text where issues that have to do with symbolism converge (tradition, travel, home, autobiography). These works also revolve around  “decorative” or ornamental creation, understanding this as the use / appropriation / […]

Exhibition Madrid 24 Nov.-15 Dec.

Photential presents a group exhibition in Madrid, featuring our artists Bego Antón, Jorge Fuembuena, Julio Galeote, Dmitry Lookianov,  Laura C. Vela, Gloria Oyarzabal and Ekaterina Anokhina. A synthetic and meaningful vision of our artistic and curatorial line. An opportunity to understand not only the project and the vision of Photential, but also the work of […]


Often in the cinema I think I hear rain hitting the roof, as if there was no place where to take shelter. Olvido García ValdésHow to place the body in a world full of homes? How to build an “outside” from the forced inside? How to talk again about inside / outside? And what doors […]


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