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6 November 2020

Daniil Kolchanov interview


What as an artist inspires you the most Daniil ? 

Nature, ordinary life and the weird coincidences that occur in our everyday existence. Feelings, too.

What artistic trends are currently taking place in Russia? 

Russia is pretty global in the sense that it experiences many of the same trends as other countries.       
Do you have a dream collaboration? 

I’ve never really thought about it. With any collaboration, if the idea and person are cool, I’d have nothing against it.
How would you describe your visual identity? 

Raw and poetic.


How do you expect others who are unfamiliar with Russian culture to feel when looking at your work?

I am happy knowing that people are interested in my work and of course, it’s even better if they are touched by them too. 

How is the art world changing in your opinion ?

Nowadays, I believe the art world is becoming more homogeneous, at least visually. The digital realm opened up a lot of technical and visual possibilities, but at the same time everyone can take a good photograph, so it's harder to create something interesting or unique.

What does the curatorial concept of "Home" personally mean to you as an artist?

Something special, that everyone tries to find or understand. It can be a place, a person, a feeling, time or a memory.


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