Lena Tsibizova interview by Leila Antakly

Leila Antakly interviews artist Lena Tsibizova  

What as an artist inspires you the most?  

Long hiking trails, searching for new locations, urbanism, and the architecture of modernism. 

“Nature is especially supportive of walkers,” Graham explained in an essay written shortly before his death, “to semi-mechanical walking, she endowed it with a feature that no other form of exercise possesses. Walking makes the mind toil, makes a person talkative, enthusiastic, maybe slightly abnormal – creative and hypersensitive, and, in the end, he gets the feeling that words have a life of their own, as if someone is talking to him, and he answers. … 
An excerpt from the book by Olivia Lange. “To the river. Traveling Under the Surface ” 

What  artistic trends are currently taking place in Russia?

Textures, minimalism, naturalness, close-up / details, “imperfections” as part of individuality,  
still lifes, impersonality, immediacy, modernist architecture, post-Soviet space, dystopia, isolation 

What kind of collaboration would be your dream? 

I like collaborations with musicians. At the moment I play with AIR Krew, our lineup can change from time to time.

How is the art world changing?   

The art world has long shifted towards reducing national boundaries in terms of artistic language.

6 November 2020

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