A collaboration between Andrei Warren and Photential

The Non Boundaries of Love is collaborative project with Andrei Warren as a creative director where Uno.Tisto, Axonbody, Saradibiza, Elezetate, Goretex Dealer and Andrei Warren enter into dialogue with each other, to bring out new forms of artistic interpretation and experience of the concept of <<love>>.

The curatorial concept of this exhibition revolves around love and its (non) boundaries in the current digital world. As Andrei Warren states:

“We think about love as an encaptured and limited version, where we already define what’s good or wrong, we are blind because we don’t respect freedom of love. Love doesn’t know about boundaries or belongs to nobody; it is felt by the most insignificant action to the strangest reaction. Love is free for everybody to acquire as a feeling and to feel it for anything existent or nonexistent in this world. Love is a big concept that usually is in between classic system boundaries. What we aim with this project is to expand out of this boundaries focusing in Aesthetics and concepts. We will work around limitless possibilities where love will be redefined by every artist”.

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