17-19 SEPTEMBER 2021

Our proposal for UNSEEN 2021 includes four projects by the photographers Gloria
Oyarzabal, Bego Antón, Dmitry Lookianov and Ekaterina Anokhina, all of them
represented by Photential.

Each of these four visions emerge as an approach to new
ways of perceiving and building the world. Whether from ecology and magic with The
Earth is a Little dust under our feet by Bego Antón, the reflection on feminism and the
post colonial theories, with Elmina Strategy by Gloria Oyarzabal, to the futuristic
imaginery of Dmitry Lookianov, or the reflection on beauty and fragility by Ekaterina

We are currently living in changing times, marked by the process of transformation and
the fall of old structures. We believe that photography is not only an aesthetic support,
but also a tool for observation and a catalyst for changes. This is the case of these four
artists, that with their heterodox and innovative proposals, can be the inspiration for
new ways of thinking and relationship.

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